Genius Hour Reflection Blog Post

So, for my Genius Hour project, I researched informations about Congo Brazzaville because that’s what my presentation was about. I chose this topic because since it my country, I already knew some informations about it, so it was easier for me. I learned about presidents and their order. And I learned more about my country, I learned the history. I think my first Genius Hour was better, because, in the first one I gave more details, I gave more informations. I would like people also to learn about my country. My Genius Hour Project helped myself in a way that, I learned more about my country. It is going to help me in the future in way that, I’ll always going to remember informations about my country and his history.

Genius Hour Reflection Blog Post

So, in the previous two parts of my Twitter Expert/Academic Connect, I made a connection with people on Twitter that had informations about my Genius Hour project. To make this connection, I first started to follow them. I only followed the people who had information about my topic and Genius Hour Project was about Republic of Congo ( Brazzaville ). Then, I put them all in a list that I made. The people I followed were: @Brazzaville_Cg, @GouvCongoBrazza, @242Congo, @CongoBrazzaLl, @UNICEFcongoBZV, @brazzaville2015, @BrazzavilleCongo, @rolthier, @CongoBrazzavil1, and @SavingLives101. This people were related to my Genius Hour Project by the fact that they have informations about Brazzaville, about what is happening there. And it was those kind of informations I needed for my Genius Hour. To be honest, the informations I request from them was very low. Because, their information were only about like news and stuff, but what I was looking for my Genius Hour Project was the country history. So it did not help very much. The result I got from that is only informations about the current president and the monuments. They didn’t respond to my question I don’t know why. Maybe because their sites were in french and I was writing in english. They did not follow back and I continue to ask them questions. They liked it, instead of giving me responses. But I think this process, in the future at school, will help a lot. Because it teaches us a to get connected to people, and to find good informations.

Impact of Media

Social Media is very important, it is something I think everyone need and should have. However, It is also something bad because it can affect you and the people around you.
Why is Social Media important ? Facebook, WhatsApp and many other Media, are very necessary. It helps you stay in contact with people from other country, you have access to more informations. You can have information very easily with it. You can send pictures of you to another member of you family who is not living in the same city or in the same countries as you. Listen to music because it makes you feel relax, texting. It helps you to order things online.You can have video calls with someone far away. You can meet new people from different countries. You can make more friends. You can connect to the world. For example, My dad and I are living in different country and he works and travels a lot. We can’t always call each other so to stay in contact, we text each other via WhatsApp. Another example is that I changed school, I miss my friends so much, and the only way for me to talk with them is via Social Media such as Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and that’s I Media is really important to me. Also now day, it is use in many societies, it helps a lot.

Why is it not good ? So, Media sometimes is bad because he push you to obsession. Some people use media only to play online and become totally outside of the world. Media push student to not being good at school. Other use it to bully, other use it to hack. Social media connect you to people away from you but disconnect you from people who are close to you. And this is not good because I think we should all be close to people around us. Media push people you to not willing to read any book.

It’s true we all like going on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and many other media to talk to people,, watch or download stuff. But we should not exaggerate and become addicted to it. We should make both side fair.


Blog Post Major Assessment


So, what are DOGS ? Dogs are domesticated canid which has been selectively bred for millennia for various behavior, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes. Their lifespan is 10-13 years, gestation period is 58-68 days. Dogs are very kind and loyal companion. You can play with them. And they give and receive lots of affection. They are many different type of dogs.

How ever, there are some dogs that are very dangerous. Those dogs are not even aloud to be adopted because they kill people. So people keep their somewhere where they can’t do bad to people.
Also, they’re dogs who look very scary but who are not actually. Some dogs are also being mistreated, they should not be treated that way. They also are living things like us. We should take care of them and help them, instead of doing bad to them. People should take care of their dogs. Often bring them too the veterinary just to check if he have all vaccine he need, just to see if everything is going good for your dog.
But above everything a dog needs, the most important is the love you give him.

I have a dog, I really like to play with her. Her name is Fiona she’s a white puddle. Also, I am allergic to dogs, so, before I play with her, I have to take my medicine. She enjoy playing with everyone in the house. Sometimes, she is very annoying but I love her the way she is. But I am not allowed to play with her too much. I had some good time with her. We even traveled once together when she was just baby. I grew up with dogs in the house. Before Fiona we had, Five dogs but they all sadly died. But now I have my Fiona, and hope that one day she will give birth to cute puppies just like her.

How To Be Successful In School

How To Be Successful In School
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To be be successful in school, you need to, WORK HARD. What does “ Hard Work “ means ? To work hard is to do you best in every whether you like it or not. To stay focus and also, to do homework.
You also have to understand the topics given.
What can you do if you don’t understand something that has been ask to do.
First try.
If you don’t understand then ask a friend.
Then is after that you still don’t get it, ask the teacher.
If even after all of that you still don’t get, you can come to your teachers at lunch, or after school for help.

To be successful, you also have to study a lot. For Quizzes or Tests because both of them are very important to keep your grades high.
But, How Do You Study ? To study, you can use your notes or you can ask for a rubric. You can also go to your teacher before the date the test or the quiz is do, so the teacher will help with things you’re struggling with so you will be ready for it.
What if you fail a Quiz or a Test ?
Well, If you do fail in a Quiz or in a Test, you can ask for a retake to improve or you can just prepare yourself to be ready for the next challenge.

To be successful in school, you also need to stay:
Not distracted
You shouldn’t distract or get distracted
You also need to show: Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trustworthiness, Citizenship. Your respect and your responsibility should be show to your teachers and your classmates in order for you to receive that same respect and responsibility to them.

One last thing very important, at school you should to treated people in a very nice way. Don’t be a bully. Respect people for what they are. Be supportive. Don’t let someone’s religion, nationality or skin color matter to you.

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My Favorite Food Froom Italy

Tagliatelles carbonara
Carbonara is an Italian Pasta dish from Rome. Carbonara is based on eggs, cheese, bacon ( ham of lardon ) and black pepper. Spaghetti is usually used as a pasta. However, fettuccine, rigatoni, linguine or bucatini can also be used. This dish was created in the middle of the 20th century. There is many theories for the origin of the name.

The preparation: To do the Carbonara, The pork is cooked in fat, which may be by olive oil, lard or butter ( I do it with butter ), it should be apart from additional direct to avoid coagulating with the egg, the pasta pot or in a serving dish. The eggs should look like a cream sauce and not curdle. Then you can use your bacon, you can use something else if you are muslim like chicken breast or turkey breast ( I use chicken and turkey ). Recipes differ in the use of egg. Some use the whole egg, and other only the yolk, some a mixture.
Variation: Other variation of Carbonara out of Italy, sometimes include peas, broccoli, mushrooms, or other vegetables.

Mirage Gourmand.Tagliatelles Carbonara.Photograph.Flickr.Flickr.May 13,2013.November 04, 2015

My Family Trip To Dubai

My Family Trip To Dubai

This summer, my family and I went to Dubai. It was very nice, I enjoyed being with my Family. We did lot of shopping and it is one of the thing I love the most about summer. Since I am 15 years old now, my mom said that when we go to the Dubai Mall I can go to the Fashion Avenue with her. I went there before but only for kids. We visited the Dubai Mall aquarium. I also went to Emirate Mall with my family for skiing it was very fun, and very cold. We did lot of activities in there. We went to the Dancing Fountain. We also did Ice Skating but it was in the Dubai Mall. I also met with some of my friends who also went there. So I invited them to the Dubai Atlantis Aquatic Parc. We had lot of fun, some of the games them were very scary but still fun, we also swam with dolphins. We went to the ski. Since my mom saw that we really enjoy going to Dubai, she said that we are going to go there every summer.

Dubai, All family, Dubai Mall, Atlantis Dubai.2015

My change in school

Aug 27th

So, when I was younger, I was in a french school. French is sometimes very difficult. I did ten years in a french school then, my parents decided to put me in an american international school in my country. The first year in the american school was very difficult because I didn’t knew english at all. And how teacher didn’t know how to speak french. so it was very difficult for me with other student. So, we had to do how best to understand him. Little by little things became easier to understand. We started to adapt. it was still difficult, but not that much anymore. The following next years wasn’t that difficult. since teachers knew that most of the student wasn’t english speaker they took all their time to explain carefully, and make sure that student understand the lesson.

I think this experience can change my life. It can give us lots opportunities in the future. And honestly I’m happy to be in an international school.