My change in school

Aug 27th

So, when I was younger, I was in a french school. French is sometimes very difficult. I did ten years in a french school then, my parents decided to put me in an american international school in my country. The first year in the american school was very difficult because I didn’t knew english at all. And how teacher didn’t know how to speak french. so it was very difficult for me with other student. So, we had to do how best to understand him. Little by little things became easier to understand. We started to adapt. it was still difficult, but not that much anymore. The following next years wasn’t that difficult. since teachers knew that most of the student wasn’t english speaker they took all their time to explain carefully, and make sure that student understand the lesson.

I think this experience can change my life. It can give us lots opportunities in the future. And honestly I’m happy to be in an international school.

12 thoughts on “My change in school

  1. Moving is often difficult. I’m pleased you are happy where you are now. Let me know how I can help your adjustment to our school.

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